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Safeguard Storm Shelters provides tornado storm shelters intended for use in your home. Safeguard Shelters is your Tennessee Storm Shelter dealer, offering several styles of storm shelter models including... Steel Safe Rooms, Storm Shelter Tennessee Supplier, Steel Garage Shelters, Custom Storm Shelter, Bolt Together Storm Shelters. Tornado Safe Rooms come in several size options. Your local Storm Shelter Middle Tennessee Supplier.

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Welcome to SAFEGUARD Storm Shelters. If you’ve been considering an investment in a tornado shelter, then SAFEGUARD Storm Shelters may be just what you’re looking for. SAFEGUARD features all styles and models from safe rooms to steel bolt together shelters. Providing beyond F5 protection. View EF Scale This new innovative shelter can be installed in an existing home and optimize the floor space beneath your car.

Partner with Missouri Storm Shelters

Missouri Storm Shelters is a shelter provider (partner) for Safeguard Storm Shelters.

SAFEGUARD Storm Shelters & FEMA 320

SAFEGUARD Storm Shelters are built to meet or exceed the National Storm Shelter Association & FEMA 320 standards. All Shelters are impact tested by Texas Tech's Wind Science and Engineering Department.

Enhanced Fujita Scale for Tornado Damage

Different zones in the United States have more risk potential of dangerous tornados called Hot Zones. An Update To The Original Fujita scale By A Team Of Meteorologists and Wind Engineers, Was Implemented in the U.S. On February 1, 2007. The National Weather Service uses the EF-Scale to determine wind strength and damage. View EF Scale Most of Middle Tennessee falls into the high risk category for severe storms and winds!

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